7 Tips for Getting More Out of Life

Have you ever looked around and thought that there are some people out there that seem to have the universe smiling on them? They have everything they could ever want or need- and so much more! They exude confidence. They are well-spoken. They are happy. They have a career that they find fulfilling. Then, you look at yourself and see that’s not you at all.

However, don’t worry- there are some things you can do to change your thoughts and your behavior that will significantly increase your success. Following, you will find seven tips that will help you to get more out of your life.

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Be willing to take risks.

People who are willing to take risks are going to make more money, be seen as more interesting, and are even more comfortable with themselves. On the other hand, people who are cautious and always “play it safe” are not going to make as much, they’re often seen as boring, and they have very low self-confidence.

Of course, this is not to say that you need to take up base jumping or start gambling. However, there are some things that you can do: you can start to push the boundaries of what you consider to be “comfortable.” So, next time someone invites you to a social event that you’d rather avoid- say yes. People who are in your life will start to see the change and eventually more opportunities will come up.

Start to radiate confidence.

You’ve heard the saying, “fake it until you make it,” right? The good news is that even when you have low self-confidence, there are some ways that you can fake it. On the other hand, if you are naturally confident, you should make yourself look better by being more interested in those quiet ones around you.

First of all, you need to pay attention to your non-verbal communication- good posture and a big smile go a long way. If you tend to slouch, put that on your list of bad habits that need to be broken.

Second, you must make yourself believe that every word you say is very important and the person/people you are talking to want and need to hear what you are saying. If you are introverted, you’ve seen your share of extroverts taking over the spotlight- it’s your turn now.

Don’t worry about others taking your ideas.

Unfortunately, there are many entrepreneurs who keep their good ideas a secret because they’re afraid of them getting stolen. The truth is that this is unrealistic thinking. The truth is that it takes lots of money, time, and energy to bring things to the public market.

Chances are, the people in your social circles are not going to have the same passion for your ideas that you do- and they’re not likely to steal them from you.

Start doing push-ups daily.

For those who hate to exercise, this is a great hack. Simply start out with a few push-ups every day- you can even cheat and do them on your knees. You only have to do it for one minute. Once that becomes too easy for you, start to increase the number you are doing until you are able to do 50 to 100 push-ups each day.

Think about it: knocking out five sets of 20 push-ups can take as little as five short minutes. You’ll get so much more in return- for example, those strong arms that will be a reminder to you that you’re a winner!

Keep a stash of almonds nearby at all times.

You’ve probably been told that almonds are a healthy snack, right? So, keeping with the thought that health equals success, almonds are a great snack and will keep you from visiting the snack machine or local drive-thru when you’re starving or bored. When you eat less junk, you naturally become a better you. However, keep in mind that nuts are rich in nutrients, so be mindful of your portions.

Radiate positive energy.

We all walk around with an energy bubble (aura) surrounding us. When we have sadness, resentment, or anger, we repel others. This is something that people who are successful are NOT doing. If you have trouble getting into a happy place, try playing some upbeat music, getting some exercise, or thinking about at least ten things that you’re thankful for.

Always have something to say.

Have you ever run into someone important and stumbled over your words? Why not have some answers in your arsenal when this happens instead of ad-libbing? When someone asks you “What’s new?” or “How’s the business going?”- have an answer to give them.

If you are one that goes blank when you’re put on the spot, make yourself slow down and think about it before you start talking. Never plan to only be a spectator in a meeting- always have something to say when and if someone ever asks what you think.

Sure, there are those people out there who seem to have everything they could ever want and more. If you’re not one of these people- the good news is that you can be. Try implementing these tips into your everyday life- you’ll be surprised at the changes that will take place!

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