Conscious vs Subconscious

The Law of Attraction works within our mind, but it works throughout nature under definite laws that are set and definite as the Law of Gravity. Our mind works according to the law of belief. You can look at belief as a thought in your mind, just that and nothing else. Imagining something as true sets the forces into motion that will attract it to you.

Once we have an understanding of how the mind works, we gain a sense of awareness and confidence in our powers. We have one mind, but our mind possesses two separate functional parts, having their own distinct attributes and powers. In scientific terms, these two terms represent the duality of mind. The conscious level and subconscious level.

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We think with our conscious mind. It is the reasoning or rational level. The conscious mind reasons, chooses, and determines. It is analytical. The subconscious level of mind is the heart of the emotions, and has the capacity of clairvoyance and clairaudience.

It can see and hear events that are not physically present. It can leave your body and bring back the most accurate information. It speaks to you in intuitions, and does not have the ability to carry out a reasoning process. It is irrational and the creative mind.

It knows all and sees all, and is one with the Omnipotent Law that governs all things. It carries out the commands or impressions made on it by your conscious mind through belief. It is subject to your conscious mind or subjective, which is where all the magic and creative forces of our subconscious powers can be released into the outer world to bring what you want. There is something magical about the hypnotic power of our mind.

Think of your mind as a rich garden that will grow any seed deposited in it. Thoughts are seeds. It is unfortunate that this law works for good and bad ideas too. Whatever we habitually think and emotionalize in our conscious mind sinks down into the subconscious and grows after the nature of the seed planted in its rich soil.

One of the most important abilities of our conscious mind it to protect our subconscious from false beliefs or from what we consciously believe to be true. It serves as the watchmen at the gate, because our subconscious mind is the creative medium.

When destructive thoughts become implanted in the deeper mind, they will emerge and take shape as condition, circumstance, or an event in our life on the screen of space. Another great function of our consciousness is that we have the power to reason and choose. We do not have to accept negative thoughts.

Our subconscious accepts as true whatever is repeated to it often and does not dispute or argue on the basis of what it is told. It simply reacts to the nature of the suggestion given to it. If you constantly tell yourself “I can’t pay that bill,” “I don’t know the right people,” you would be depositing blank checks into your subconscious mind, which creates according to the nature of the thought in all of your affairs.

Reverse it by affirming “All my bills are paid and there is always a surplus,” “I Am divinely guided in all my ways.” Make a habit of this, and the law of your mind will respond accordingly.

Once we accept the thought completely in our conscious mind, our subconscious will begin to bring it forth into our experience as an outer reality. It is not the thing believed in, but the belief itself is what creates a definite reaction by the Law of Attraction or your subconscious mind, and the response we get will be determined by the nature of the thought or desire. What we habitually think, we become.

Positive thoughts bring guidance, freedom, and peace of mind. This should make it clear for us to think, speak, and act positively to get a rich harvest from the universe!

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