How to Get What You Want from a Man

Most women normally have an innate insecurity mechanism. They usually worry too much about one thing or another like wrinkles, cellulite, stretch marks or even their weight.

For many women the thought of flirting with men to initiate contact is worse than giving a speech to an audience of 1000 people. Why? Because we doubt ourselves.

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We convince ourselves from the outset that a guy won’t be attracted to us. This can be the case even if we receive lots of evidence contrary to our self-opinion, like men looking at us, paying us compliments and pursuing us. Our perception of ourselves will always be the opinion that we listen to.

They say you should always face your fears. So I am going to lay down 5 things for you to do on how to get what you want from a man. Think of me as your personal coach. We all need a coach to motivate us, to push us outside of our comfort zone so we realize our potential.

Some years ago I watched Oprah as she interviewed a guy who wrote a book that would once and for all explain to women how to be in order for their man/partner to love her forever…I have to admit, I logged in to Amazon and got the book. Why wouldn’t you want to miss out on such valuable information?

I thought that was an incredibly insulting piece of gobbledigook. Men can be amazingly capable communicators. You can see it in all walks of life. Once they realize the importance of a connection, be it in business, academia, or politics, their stars have shown as bright as anything.

Here are 5 effective ways on how you can make your man do whatever you want:

Show some kindness. Being kind to your man will make him like being with you, as well as continue loving you, and as a result, you would eventually get whatever it is that you want from him.

Be firm. If you want to get what you want from your man, then you have to be firm with your decisions. You need to be prepare to do all the things that you want on your own until you get them from him.

Do not be a nagger.

You have to keep in mind that your man will only do the things you want because he loves and cares for you and sees that your requests are valid and not because you keep on nagging him all the time.

You should be worthy.

In order to get from him the things you want, he needs to see you as someone who is worth the time and effort. He will do just about anything for you, without any questions, if he loves you, so be the person he is head over heels in love with. Achieve that and he will always find ways to fulfil your desires and make you happy.

Look for the correct issue.

There are times where you would feel that you are sharing more than what you are receiving and that you may be on the losing end, but the fact of the matter is, if you regard this important aspect with one-sidedness, then you have to do something about it instead of trying to get what you think you want, but are not receiving any.

You have to work for it.

For your man to give what you what, he should be willing to do it wholeheartedly, or else he would only feel that he is being used. So, continually try to improve yourself in order for you to become the person that he would want to give and do things for.

Give him rewards.

You need to show your appreciation to your man once in a while. In order to get what you want from him, you have to give him some kind of reward every time he does the things you want. Kind and sweet words of gratitude, a genuinely happy smile and hug will mean a lot to him. Doing these gestures may fulfill his needs that you may not be aware of.

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