How to Reach Your Dreams

When you’re looking for advice for reaching your dreams/goals/desires, people tell you to sit down and break your big goal down into smaller ones. However, is it really possible to break down your achievements into smaller steps?

The truth is, it’s not always necessarily that clean and easy- but those who do achieve things do go through the same basic process. So, if you are struggling with how to reach your dreams, consider the following steps and apply them to help you get on the road to reaching your dreams/goals/desires.

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The very first thing you must realize is that everything begins somewhere- your dreams begin in your mind and heart. Every great accomplishment in the world started in the mind and heart of one person.

They allowed themselves to have a dream and believe that they could make that dream come true. So, take some time to sit back and imagine, “What if?” Avoid letting negativity creep in and discourage you.

You need to be a dreamer. You need to be dreaming of the possibilities for yourself, your loved ones, and others. If you had a dream in the past that you’ve allowed to grow cold, consider re-igniting it and fanning the flames. Life is just too short to let things go.

Believe in your dream

Sure, your dream may be big- it should be. It needs to be something that seems to be completely out of your capability of doing. However, it should also be something that is believable. You must be able to say that if specific things happen and if you are willing to work hard enough and you can enlist the help of some others- it can be done.

Good Dream: You don’t have a college education, but you’d like to build a company that generates $50 million in profits each year. (This is a huge goal, but it’s something that can be done as long as everything lines up).

Bad Dream: A 90-year old woman who suffers severely from arthritis wants to run a marathon in less than three hours. (This is a huge goal and is not really something that she can achieve, even if everything lines up).

Envision your dreams

Everyone who has ever achieved anything has the same habit: they are able to envision their dream as if it had already come true. They can see themselves as the CEO of their $50 million/year company. Great basketball players can see the ball swooshing through the basket.

Great golfers can see the ball heading straight down the fairway to the hole. When you can envision your goal as if it were already true, it conditions your body to carry through with the plan to make it come true.

Share your dreams

One of the primary reasons that dreams don’t get off the ground is because the person who is dreaming doesn’t tell anyone. They allow the dream to quietly live within their mind. However, the truth is, the person who wants to be able to achieve their dream must share that dream with others. This is because the more we talk about it, the more we learn to believe it.

After all, if we’re talking about it, it’s got to be possible. Plus, it makes us accountable- when we tell others, it encourages us to follow through so that we don’t look silly.

Make a plan to pursue it

When you have a dream, you must make it so through a plan. You’ve heard that you “get what you plan to”- and it’s true. You can’t just expect your dream to magically come true.

You must take the time to sit down regularly and create a strategy for achieving it. Think about the details. Break it down into smaller parts that are easier to work through. Then, give yourself a time frame for each task on your plan.

Put in the effort to make it happen

While life would be perfect if we could stop before we get to this step- we can’t. After all, it is the hardest workers that are most successful. When everyone else is sitting around doing nothing, the achievers are working on their goals. Keep in mind that the novel, War and Peace, was originally written by hand one page at a time.

Enjoy your accomplishments

Once you have reached your goal and you are finally living out your dream- make sure that you enjoy it. On second thought, don’t forget to enjoy the journey too. Allow yourself to have some rewards along the way and one big one at the end. Help others to enjoy their journeys.

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