Power of Subconscious Mind

Subconscious is powerful. You may have heard from somewhere about how this part of the mind can help you attain success in life and you may have just ignored it thinking that it is all untrue. But I am telling you not to underestimate your it. The fact is that by making good use of the power of your mind, you can attain a higher level and achieve more things in your life.

So what exactly is this subconscious mind that we are talking about here?

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If you want to understand more about this great part of the mind, it will be easier to understand your conscious mind first. The conscious mind is simply your awareness. When you are aware of what you know, feel, think or intend to do, these are all in your conscious mind.

The contrary is your subconscious which contains a lot of information like memories, knowledge, experiences and life principles. The fascinating fact is that it is not in our present awareness.

You are wrong if you think that this section of the mind is completely useless. Your conscious mind cannot act alone without your subconscious mind when making certain difficult decision. Based on what you believe and your hidden past experience from your subconscious will your conscious mind be able to make a decision.

However, it is all depending on what you have in your subconscious mind that you make the right or wrong decision.

Why the subconscious it powerful?

The subconscious mind power cannot be clearly defined, however this part of us contain a very wide area of untapped potentials, that if discovered can dramatically change our life, one can for example take a decision based on past experience without him to know how and why he took that decision, that is why it is crucial and important to have constant contact with our subconscious mind and know how to operate it, instead of being operated by him.

Is the subconscious mind really powerful?

Yes! However, it can be either powerful in a positive way or a negative way. The subconscious mind has very great potential which is mostly not tapped and I cannot really give you the measurement of how powerful it can be.

Due to the contents your subconscious mind possesses, your decisions and actions are in a way fully controlled by it. So when you have some bad experiences about certain things which you may have forgotten, it could have a negative impact on how you deal with things.

For instance, you may have made some wrong decision and hence, miss out a lot of good things in life that should have happen to you. It is therefore extremely crucial to learn how to use your subconscious mind and benefit from its power.

How to effectively make use of our subconscious mind?

Why do you think that one person will react to a difficult situation with positive attitude while another person when facing with the same situation will become depressed? It is all in your subconscious.

Your subconscious mind may have a pool of negativism which may have brought about by bad experiences, the way you were brought up and taught or other factors. These negative factors can do a lot of harm to you when facing with the everyday challenges. When your subconscious mind reacts negatively, you would have half a battle lost in dealing with the situation.

It is therefore important to eliminate such negativism in your subconscious in order to live the way you desire. One of these effective ways is to set your goals and visualized them clearly.

It is when you are absolutely clear of what you want in life that you are able to tap your subconscious mind’s power. It is worth taking some time every day to read through what you have set for your life so as to stay positive and passionate.

The subconscious does not judge and process the information given to it. It receives all the information unconditionally and remembers every single detail attached to that piece of information.

It does not judge and filter off the bad experience or give preferences to what we think is good. So now we know how this power machine works, and it is very crucial that we feed it with positive and constructive thoughts.

Feeding the subconscious mind is sometime called conditioning. You condition your subconscious to react and you are doing it every day consciously or unconsciously. The conditioning of the subconscious mind will become a habit ultimately. A habit will either build you, or destroy you.

Habit is something we do long enough and condition the subconscious mind to take over and run it for us. The good news is, like a computer, we can reprogram the machine with empowering and positive thoughts. The trick is, to consciously do it and break the old habit.

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