Tips for Living the Life You Want

Live The Life You Want

Stop and think about it for a minute- are you truly happy with your life? Sure this may sound like a traditional question and your first response might be “Of course!”

However, when you really think about it and you dig a little deeper, you might actually discover that you’re not living the life that you always wanted to- and perhaps you’re not as happy as you think or as happy as you could be.

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Some things to think about:

  • Are you truly happy with your job?
  • Do you wake up feeling good about the day ahead or do you wake up with dread and want to roll back over and stay in bed?
  • Are you happy with your body or are you ashamed of it?
  • Are you happy with the way that people are treating you or do you feel like you deserve better?

Unfortunately, the sad truth is that many people are going through the motions- living a life that they’re not happy with. They are going through the same routines over and over each and every day and they are doing things that they don’t really enjoy.

The whole time they are doing this, they are always complaining. The reason that people keep doing things that they don’t enjoy is because they don’t believe that they have any other choices.

Why Do We Do This?

There are many reasons why people live lives that they’re unhappy with- but most of the time, these reasons are so well hidden that people don’t really notice them. Instead of taking action to change their lives, they believe that they have no other choice.

They don’t question why they are dissatisfied or think about how they could make improvements in their lives and enjoy living again- they just keep doing what they do- and never getting anywhere.

Tips to Live the Live You Want

Following are a few of the most common hidden factors that are forcing people to continue to live a life that they are not happy with:

Subconscious Mind is Deceptive

In some cases, your subconscious mind will trick you into believing that you love what you are doing in order to protect your ego. For example, you may think: “My work is my life.” However, you may say this because you don’t have a social life due to the fact that you lack social skills.

Therefore, our subconscious mind takes over and convinces you that “work is life.” While this might sound like a pretty good defense mechanism, the truth is that it can lead to depression.

Giving Up

There are some people who have tried over and over to live the life that they want- but they fail. They don’t completely understand that success comes after failure- so they give up and continue in the lives that they don’t love because they don’t think there is any other choice.

Typically, we feel bad because of what we have lost by giving up. If we don’t respond to these bad feelings, we get used to them and we don’t even notice them after a while. Keep in mind that just because you’re “used to” them, you’re not going to feel good- they just become ingrained in your life and you stop complaining about them.

False Beliefs

False beliefs such as: “No one is truly happy”, “Life’s just not fair” or “You can’t get everything you want” are just a few of the false beliefs that people form. Many people believe these to be a perfect defense mechanism because, after all, when you play the victim and you believe that life is unfair and you’re just unlucky, you don’t have any other responsibilities.

There are people who have the courage they need to fight for the things they want- and they do. Then, there are those that form these false beliefs and keep doing what they’re doing, never believing they can be happy.

Living with the Herd

Many people have the belief that everyone is working 9 to 5 in a job that they don’t enjoy and no one is truly happy with their lives- so we don’t want to step out of line and be different, do we?

However, the truth is: your happiness is your choice. If you want to continue to be unhappy and miserable- then do it. If you want to be happy- then you need to refuse to live by the “herd” mentality and step out of the box, dare to be different.

How to Live the Life You Want

The truth is that it’s not hard or even impossible to live the life that you want– the life that will bring true happiness to you. You just need to figure out what is holding you back and then get the courage to face them head on so that you can overcome them.

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