What Should You Do with Your Life?

Do you have any idea what you should be doing with your life? Have you ever really taken the time to think about it? The truth is that it can be quite overwhelming and even exhausting to figure out what you should be doing. This process forces you to figure out what it means to YOU to live a happy and fulfilling life.

However, this process allows you to grow and to become the best possible version of yourself. You should reassure yourself that there’s not just one way to be happy- but multiple trails you can take to reach your definition of satisfaction. Following, you will find some tips on how to figure out what you should do with your life.

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Document Your Journey

When you are on your journey to figuring out what to do with your life, you should document it- that way, you can figure out what is working and what is not.

Try Journaling

You can document your journey by writing in a journal. This will give you a space that you can freely dream your dreams, process your thoughts about the situations you come across, and get a closer look at your fears. You can do this in a paper journal or you can keep a daily blog. This will give you a way to track your journey to becoming happy.

When you write about your day and the emotions that you experienced, you gain a greater self-awareness. Interact with someone that is doing what you want to be doing and document it. Then, as you progress through your journey, you can look back and see all the progress you have made.

Try a Video Diary

If you would prefer, try keeping a video diary. You can use a camcorder, your phone, your computer, or any other video device that you want and keep video documentation of your journey. A video diary is different than a journal because it allows you to verbalize your thoughts and makes you get it out of your head.

In addition, you’re not forced to stare at a blank page, unsure of what to say. Keeping a video diary also allows you to assess your growth through your journey.

You can rewatch the videos to see how you have changed or how your goals have changed. This will tell you if you have really figured out what is making you unhappy or help you see if you have determined what will make you happy.

Try Taking Pictures

Another great way to document your journey to happiness and figuring out what you should do with your life is taking pictures. Figure out what makes you happy and take pictures of those things: your grandparents, the changing seasons, a project that was successful- you can take pictures of anything at all!

Then, as you look closer at these pictures, figure out why they are significant to you. Think about how these things make you feel and why they make you feel that way. Figure out if there are some images you’re missing. You can apply what you learn through this process to figure out what you should do with your life.

Bring Focus to Dreams

Once you have gone through the process of figuring out a basic idea of what makes you happy, it’s time to bring some focus to those dreams of yours. You can do that by taking the following steps:

  • Ask yourself what it is that you want.

Keep in mind, there’s no wrong answer. You may not know or you may respond with a vague idea of what it is that you want. Once you have an answer, think about it. If you don’t know, analyze that and see if you can figure out why you’re not sure. Take steps to overcome the fear that you don’t deserve to be happy and perhaps you never will be.

Finally, let go of any guilt and realize that as you grow, your dreams are going to evolve. What made you happy ten years ago may not necessarily bring the same level of happiness now. Don’t allow your friends, family, or co-workers to tell you what you need to do with your life.

  • Push your response

If you answer the above question with a watered-down version of what makes you happy, take a closer look at it. For example, if you say something like, “I’d like to be happier in my career,” figure out the details of what would bring you happiness. Think about the people, places, and things that make you happy.

Keep pushing your answer until you have something specific that you can attain. This process is probably going to take you awhile- but you must be patient with yourself, let yourself feel the frustration, but don’t think that your happiness is impossible to achieve.

  • Embrace your path to happiness

Allow the answer that you come up with lead you to the happiness that you desire. Don’t be too focused on the why, when, and where. You are not going to be in control of these factors.

The only thing that you can control is how you go on your journey to happiness. Take steps every day to pursue your happiness. Of course, this will mean that you have to step out of your comfort zone.

If you don’t have a clue as to how you should be living your life- the first thing you must understand is that you do deserve to be happy and it is possible to reach happiness. You just have to make the effort and take the time to do it.

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